In Thinking Naughty Thoughts, I critically examine certain church practices and traditions. I ask and explore questions such as:


Do I really have to belong to a local church?

Are you choking on the cracker and the grape-juice?

Why all the fuss about leadership when Jesus hardly ever spoke about it?

Why does the pastor insist on 10% of my income when he drives a luxury car and I can hardly make it through each month?

Is delivering a sermon really the best way to communicate God's word and will in a community of faith?

Are we worshipping God or the things that draw us to worship Him?

Do you really expect me to believe that God lives in a building?


In doing so, I am not critical of the church per se, but about our understanding and practice regarding church. If you have ever found yourself asking these and similar questions, whether secretly or in the open, this book may help you give words and direction to your thoughts.


Feel free to download the e-book for free from the 'Books' section of this website.